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Join us in serving Palestinian refugee communities this end of year! 



At Beirut and Beyond, we know the value of partnership. We know together we can make a difference. We partner with nationals on the ground with their established work in Palestinian refugee camps. We come alongside and partner by bringing supplies, funding projects, and volunteering our time to these organizations. The focus is on the national organization as we assist them to serve their own communities. The projects we participate in are by the request and need of our national partners.

We would like to introduce you to our 2018 projects. This end of year, we invite you to partner with us to give opportunities in education for Palestinian refugees in the Middle East. 


2018 Projects

Three Opportunities - Three Projects

Relief | Reconciliation | Relationship


Part 1-Relief Work

A library for the Hopes for Women center in Gaza Palestinian Camp. The library is an opportunity for refugee women in a camp to have education accessible. Global Reach Libraries and Beirut and Beyond will provide an initial collection of 500 books, online resources, a computerized library system, and training for Hopes For Women staff and volunteers. We will also be providing a part-time for a woman from the camp to maintain the library.

The library will be made up of well selected books in both Arabic and English for young adults and adults obtained through purchase or donations. Examples of categories include:

Literature and popular fiction

Dictionaries and other reference books




Women’s Studies

Refugee Studies



Other topics will be added as we hear from the women what subjects they would like.

The initial training for Hopes For Women will be provided by Libby Bergstrom and Global Reach Libraries expertise. Bibliofiche has generously agreed to donate their service to host the library system. Zain, a Middle East data service operator is providing high speed internet to the Centre. The goal is for the Hopes For Women staff to maintain, expand, and have complete ownership of the library.


Part 2-Relationship

Continuing sponsorship for our 2017 scholarship recipient- an opportunity of our current recipient to continue with her education.

Beirut and Beyond partnered with Hopes For Women In Education in 2016 to provide tuition for two Palestinian refugee women in Gaza Camp in Jerash, Jordan. Hopes For Women In Education educates underprivileged refugee women in Jordan. Funds supported tuition for a year, book fees, transportation cost, and a stipend for each woman. One of our young woman graduated this year with a degree in Education. Our donors were a part of making that a possibility for her!

We are committed to our other 2017 recipient to make sure she has tuition covered in 2018. We have built relationship with her and her family. We watched her work hard in 2017 and are committed to helping to achieve her degree.


Part 3-Reconciliation

Management trip to Lebanon and Jordan for six months in 2018. The opportunity for Suzann and board members to continue to join, assist and manage project with our partners. This is a very important aspect of our work- to have an on-the-ground presence. We must continue to build relationship and participate in humanitarian work alongside our partners in refugee camps. This helps us build reconciliation. Suzann will split her time between the two countries and will be joined by board members in Jordan.

The total cost for our 2018 Projects is $25,000. We invite you to join us to help give opportunities in education for Palestinian refugees in the Middle East! Give your tax-deductible donation today by visiting our GIVE page. Please contact us with any questions!


$1,000 Match Update

We met our $1,000 Match Challenge on Sunday, December 10th! Thank you to all who gave! We are at 50% of our 2018 goal to fund our projects.


#GivingTuesday Update!

This #givingtuesday we raised over $8,500 online! Thank you to our generous donors. We 34% of our end of year goal in ONE day! Thank you to all who participated!