2019 Projects


Partnerships are key to everything we do. Because when we choose to work together and commit to one another, EVERYTHING is possible. Despite all the bad news surrounding Palestinian refugees and funding cuts and the desperate situation, we press on with our work and our partnerships. Because when we partner together, opportunities abound. In 2019, we are focused on educating,empowering,employing Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. 



Syrian Palestinian Refugee Children

Help Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Syria attend JCC education program in Lebanon and receive high school diplomas.

In September of 2013, JCC began classes for 9th and 12th grade secondary school for both Syrian and Palestinian children based on the Syrian curriculum. Each year for the past 5 years, after 9 months of study, 6 days a week for 4 hours each day, the students traveled back to Damascus to take the exam to pass 9th and 12th grade respectively. Hundreds of refugee children have received an education and a diploma as a result of this program. This is the only program in the country of Lebanon of its kind. Help us support the important work of educating children.


A Palestinian Refugee Woman

Support Hopes For Women in Gaza Camp by providing the librarian salary in 2019. 

In September of 2018, Beirut and Beyond setup a library in the Hopes For Women In Education Centre in Gaza Palestinian refugee camp in Jerash, Jordan. We were able to raise enough money to hire a Palestinian refugee woman from the camp. Ibtihal was hired and trained to maintain and grow the library. We are so encouraged with the work she has accomplished. Help us support her by raising her 2019 salary and to keep her employed!


A Palestinian refugee woman

Our Hopes For Women scholarship student has one semester left. Help her graduate with her bachelor’s degree in 2019. 

For the past two years, Beirut and Beyond supporters have donated to help Ahlam finish her degree in Biology. She has only one semester left to receive her bachelor’s degree. Help us make sure her tuition is covered so she graduates in 2019!


We are stronger together. 

Support Beirut and Beyond to travel back to the Middle East in 2019 for six months to work on the ground with our partners in both Lebanon and Jordan. This is a key piece of our work. It enables us to continue to build strong relationships with our partners. We have a better understanding of the needs on the ground and can forge ahead with the relief work. Our presence also offers reconciliation to our partners and to the Palestinian refugees we serve.



Who benefits?


The Joint Christian Committee for Social Service in Lebanon (JCC) is one of the oldest NGOs working with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Over the decades, JCC has provided a wide range of services to the refugees in Lebanon which began with relief work but soon changed its focus to education and vocational training. They are well established and respected in Palestinian refugee communities. 

Check out their website for more information. https://www.dspr-jcc.org

Hopes for Women in Education is a volunteer-run organization, which means all of the funds received go toward scholarships dedicated to disadvantaged refugee women in Jordan. Scholarships are open for all refugee women in Jordan accepted to a local university. Hopes has been operating in Jordan since 2011, has had over 20 successful women graduate with a 50% employment rate amongst them. The steady employment of Palestinian women is unheard of in Jordan, so to have a 50% success rate is an incredible accomplishment.

Please check their Facebook Page and their website for more information. www.hopesforwomen.org