Hopes Spring Project 2017

Update January 9, 2017

We were able to raise $11,000 from so many generous donors for our end of year project with Hopes For Women! Thank you for giving, thank you for believing in this project and for partnering with us! The good news, because of your giving, is that we are able to send a bulk payment for both of the young women's tuition for the entire year of 2017.

We did fall short of our project goal. We'll be looking to raise the remaining $4,000 in the first quarter of 2017 to send Suzann back to Jordan to volunteer at Hopes For Women's Centre in Gaza Camp in the spring. 

If you would like more information on the young women or other details of the project, or how to join us, please contact us. 

Again, thank you so much! Two young Palestinian refugee women are attending university in 2017 because of your generosity! We look forward to following their progress and supporting the work Hopes For Women is doing with refugee women in Jordan.

For more information on Hopes For Women and their extraordinary work in Gaza Palestinian Refugee Camp, click here for their website


Update-December 12, 2016

Our executive director, Suzann has been on the ground in Jordan for the past two week working with the Hopes For Women staff in Gaza Palestinian Refugee Camp. After looking over applications and interviewing the young women, we have granted our scholarships for 2017! 

Both of the young women are Palestinian refugees and live in Gaza Camp. Ahlam is is 21-years-old and is studying education, this scholarship will help her continue her second year of studies. Rawan is 25-years-old and studying Biology. This scholarship will help her finish the last year of study and help her receive her degree! She plans to continue her education as her goal is to be a Forensic Scientist.     

Suzann will be mentoring each of the women and you will be able to follow along on their progress during 2017. Thank you so much for partnering with this project! We currently have $7,700. We still need $7,300 to fully fund this Spring Project with Hopes For Women. Consider your end of year giving and GIVE generously! 

Together with Hopes For Women, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of two young women from Gaza Camp! 

Spring Hopes' Project

Beirut and Beyond has partnered with Hopes For Women In Education to provide tuition for two Palestinian refugee women in Gaza Camp in Jerash, Jordan. Hopes For Women In Education educates underprivileged refugee women in Jordan. Funds will support tuition for a year, book fees, transportation cost, and a stipend for each woman. Not only will we provide tuition, but Suzann will be mentoring the women throughout the year and will be volunteering at Hopes' Women Centre in Gaza Camp. The cost of the entire Spring Hopes' project for 2017 is $15,000. This includes tuition for two women for one scholastic year, the cost for our executive director's 3-month spring trip, and admin fees. Please consider giving your end of year gift to this special project and help provide an education to young women to open up their world. Go to our Give page and give a tax-deductible donation for this important project! Together, we can make a difference in a young refugee's life! Be part of the change!